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indirect costs - косвенные издержки. Англо-русский экономический словарь.indirect costs перевод с английского языка на русский язык в других словарях. In the production of goods, the company has 2 types of costs — direct and indirect. What are they? Indirect costs — are costs that are not directly accountable to a cost object (such as a particular function or product). Indirect costs may be either fixed or variable. Indirect costs include taxes, administration, personnel and security costs, and are also Indirect Costs Direct Costs Total Project Costs. (a) If the Indirect Cost Rate is calculated on a Total Direct Cost (TDC) basis, then all budget items are included in the Indirect Cost calculation. The essential difference between direct costs and indirect costs is that only direct costs can be traced to specific cost objects. A cost object is something for which a cost is compiled, such as a product, service, customer, project, or activity. These costs are usually only classified as direct or. Накладные/косвенные расходы — 0. Найдено научныех статей по теме Overheads or indirect costs . Indirect costs are also referred to as overheads the term overhead itself has assumed a negative connotation in some circles. Indirect costs can be thought of those costs which are incurred to support to an organisations main activities For a manufacturing company indirect costs would Therefore, cost allocation plans or indirect cost rates are used to distribute those costs to benefiting revenue sources. Looking at it another way, indirect costs are those costs that are not classified as direct. No Direct Costs. Indirect Costs Percentage of effort devoted to dept. or general administration Same as salaries and wages General and administrative communication costs (monthly phone fees). Manufacturing costs may be classified as direct costs and indirect costs on the basis of whether they can be attributed to the production of specific goods, services, departments or not. indirect cost: Определение indirect cost: an amount of money spent by a business on things other than the products they make.

Узнать больше. Indirect costs are costs that are not directly accountable to a cost object (such as a particular project, facility, function or product). Indirect costs may be either fixed or variable. Indirect costs include administration, personnel and security costs. Indirect cost: постоянные издержки. См. fixed cost. По теме: Райт, Кароль Давидсон - Райт, Кароль Давидсон (Wright) — выдающийся американский статистик, почетный член Академии наук в СПб. родился в 1840 г. в шт. Нью-Гемпшир. The identification, measurement, and allocation of costs can help to determine the actual profit of the organization. Based on the relationship or degree of traceability to products, the costs are classified into direct costs and indirect costs. Direct Versus Indirect Costs There are costs associated with implementing a sponsored research project that are program specific, and general costs incurred by the university for the administration of the program.

Indirect costs include costs which are frequently referred to as overhead expenses (for example, rent and utilities) and general and administrative expenses (for example, officers salaries, accounting department costs and personnel department costs). Перевод в паре английский > русский [PRO] Bus/Financial - Юриспруденция: Контракты. английский термин или фраза: profit and other Indirect costs. Indirect costs — are costs that are not directly accountable to a cost object (such as a particular function or product). Indirect costs may be either fixed or variable. Indirect costs include taxes, administration, personnel and security costs, and are also Use indirect cost in a Sentence. You need to know if there will be any indirect cost before you ever make a major purchase for your company.I did not like the idea of an indirect cost because I wanted everything to be paid upfront and di not like anything extra. Indirect cost is a cost that is not directly traceable to a cost object. Rather, the cost is common to several objects and requires an allocation.Direct costs tend to be variable costs, while indirect costs are more likely to be either fixed costs or period costs. Costs may be classified as direct costs or indirect costs. The purpose of this classification is to assign costs to cost objects. Cost object means any thing about which cost information is collected. Indirect costs cannot be traced to a particular cost object. A cost object is something that can incur cost. For example, a cost object could be a company division, a product line, a unit of inventory, or even a decision. вир бухг. непрям витрати витрати, як безпосередньо не повязан з процесом виготовлення продукту (product) чи з певним видом виробничо дяльност тощо до непрямих витрат в косвенные расходы - перевод "indirect costs" с английского на русский. Варианты замены. indirect costs.

Indirect Materials and Indirect Labor. Materials such as tools, cleaning supplies, and office supplies make the production of a companys products possible, yet cant be assigned to just one product. These are classified as indirect materials costs. overhead cost, indirect expenses, indirect expenditures. See: absorption costing, indirect materials, direct cost, cost classification. indirect cost and expense косвенные издержки и расходы: расходы, которые не включаются прямо в издержки Косвенные затраты (indirect costs) - это расходы на деятельность производственного предприятия или процесса, которые в обычных условиях нельзя непосредственно соотнести с конкретной выпущенной продукцией. In business management and finance, labor costs are often split into direct labor costs and indirect labor costs, depending on whether a particular worker contributes directly to the production of goods. Sometimes, direct costs are treated as indirect because tracing costs directly to the cost object is not cost effective.The distinction between direct and indirect costs also depends on the cost object. Русский. Категория. indirect costs of health service. косвенные издержки в здравоохранении.other indirect costs. прочие косвенные расходы. Экономика, финансы, бизнес. indirect cost pool. Classifying costs as direct or indirect cost is one way of cost classification whereas classifying costs on the basis of their behaviour as fixed or variable costs is just another way of classification of costs. Both classifications are separate and must not be confused together. indirect cost of accidents. coste indirecto de los accidentes. English-Spanish dictionary of labour protection .indirekte Unfallkosten — (f pl) eng indirect cost of accidents Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz Glossar. Indirect costs are costs that did not pay for a specific thing, for example, those costs supported multiple projects instead of being traced to just one. They can also be costs for maintenance labor or office supplies. учет косвенные [непрямые] затраты [издержки] (расходы, которые не могут быть непосредственно отнесены на какой л. конкретный объект затрат) Syn: overhead cost, indirect expenses, indirect expenditures See: absorption costing, indirect materials Indirect costs are less about product creation and more about overall company maintenance and growth, and usually not traceable to a single department or product. Because indirect costs can be incurred jointly across departments In any business, you have two kinds of costs: direct costs and indirect costs. A direct cost is the cost of producing goods or services (e.g. raw materials and labor). Direct costs are only reported when the goods are sold. indirect costs перевод в словаре английский - русский Indirect costs are those costs which are related to the product but are not traceable in an economically feasible manner. Example: Salary of a supervisor of the laptop manufacturing utility for producing X and Y model. Overhead Rate Indirect Costs / Direct Costs. Methods may vary according to circumstances.Indirect Costs are those that are difficult to assign to a particular cost object, for example typical indirect costs might include the following Indirect labor costs are those related to running a company and selling a product or service versus the actual labor-related costs to make that product or service. Knowing the difference can help you create better financial reports and strategic plans based on your ability to calculate your overhead and The logical and consistent method for the allocation of indirect costs to intermediate and final cost objectives based upon relative benefits received is required by FAR 31-201-4, "Determining allocability," and 31-203, " Indirect costs. Indirect costs go beyond the costs associated with creating a particular product to include the price of maintaining the entire company. These overhead costs are the ones left over after direct costs have been computed, and are sometimes referred to as the "real" costs of doing business. Those costs, and how indirect costs were determined, needed to be explained. Необходимо получить разъяснения в отношении этих расходов, а также в отношении того, как были исчислены косвенные расходы. [] such legislation can result in high indirect costs and deter firms, especially when goods [][] programme activities, including reimbursement of related indirect costs, shall consist of a single calendar year. косвенные издержки косвенные расходы (например, косвенные расходы на оплату труда - indirect labor costs косвенные материальные затраты - indirect materials. Противоположным является direct costs - прямые расходы). These indirect costs are generally further subdivided into two major categories: overhead costs and general and administrative (GA) expenses. Overhead costs are those that are indirectly related to an area of development or production and include such items as electrical power deprecia-tion heating Еще значения слова и перевод INDIRECT COSTS с английского на русский язык в англо-русских словарях. Перевод INDIRECT COSTS с русского на английский язык в русско-английских словарях. indirect cost — косвенные издержки indirect costs — косвенные издержки fixed indirect cost — постоянные косвенные расходы other indirectindirect — косвенный, непрямой, побочный, окольный, уклончивый cost — стоить, обходиться, дорого стоить, стоимость, затраты, цена Косвенные затраты или непрямые затраты англ. Indirect Costs, являются хозяйственными расходами, которые непосредственно не связаны с выпуском определенной продукцией или функцией в компании. Indirect costs are those costs which cannot be directly assigned to a single product rather it has to be assigned in some proportion to all products. It includes indirect material cost, example of which is consumable stores, grease that is required for various machineries

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